Married to my Suitcase

Three nights in Whistler, two nights Fernie, one night Calgary, two nights Saskatoon, one night at Elkridge Lodge  in northern Saskatchewan than back to Saskatoon – this is my current sched. It wouldn’t be so bad if I were a better packer, but I’m carrying far too much stuff and everytime I open my suitcase it explodes like a microwaved baked potato. The one thing I’ve learned from traveling is to buy clothes that don’t take up much room – this means way more polyester than is good for me. The one thing I have never learned is how to pack less than five pairs of shoes.

Tomorrow it’s up to Elkride Lodge where I will a) get a facial b) do something called a Bog Walk through the forest and c) go horseback riding. Nature girl lives!


Fall Fun in Whistler

Hey, wait for me!

Hey, wait for me!

Who knew that you could cycle a flat trail in the mountains? As part of our GoMedia conference, I signed up for a cycling tour in Whistler with Whistler Eco Tours and we cycled the Valley Trail.  There were a lot of us, so I joined the pokey group of fearful cyclists, but it turns out we weren’t so bad and ended up merging with the rest of them. Yay!

In the evening we went up the mountain by Gondola for a reception and were greeted by Miss Blackcomb and Miss Whistler in ball gowns imprinted with maps. Guess they won’t get lost.

Queens of the Hill

Queens of the Hill

Join the Air New Zealand Matchmaking Flight and Travel like a Bachelorette

Forget spring – that’s not when a young man’s fancy turns to love. It’s fall. This fall. For those obsessed with the Bachelor and Bachelorette TV show, um, like me, now’s your chance to get off the couch and live it for yourself. Air New Zealand has come up with a a matchmaking flight from LA to Aukland on Oct 13, and Jason Mesnick and his second-choice first-choice girlfriend, Molly, will be joining the trip. (Personally, I thought previous winner Andrew Firestone was cuter but that’s beside the point.) The point is that you, too, can sign up and scheme and plot and flirt to get close to your eligible woman/man of choice. You can even go online to plan your strategy beforehand.

The sad thing was that I was invited to cover the trip, but due to editorial considerations I had to turn it down. Whaa!

For those who might want to fly high, here’s the dirt straight from the airline. It’s not even that expensive:

The adventure begins with a send-off party at the departure gate at LAX on October 13. At 30,000 feet passengers can expect matchmaking advice from ABC’s The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick and girlfriend Molly Malaney, complimentary party packs, an open bar, speed dating and other games, before it’s lights out for a full eight hours of beauty sleep.
Once on the ground in Auckland, passengers and local single New Zealanders are invited to enjoy an international singles-only event, with the opportunity to meet their partner, and/or create lasting friendships within the crowd.
The airborne search for has already begun, with Air New Zealand encouraging those interested in the flight to upload a profile and start connecting at Please feel free to take a look and upload your own profile, or a friend’s if you think they need some help!

Bon voyage!