The Twilight Zone

My nephew Charlie thinks the movie Twilight is for girls and maybe he’s right. As girly girl movies go, though, it’s a good one. Now the vampire-obsessed, or more aptly, the Edward Cullen obsessed, can experience Twilight Land for themselves with Intrepid Travel’s new adventure tour, Twilight Trails, a 13-day trip from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington that will visit film locations and film-ish landscapes along the way. 

The trip has four departures between June and September 2010, with possibly more to be added. Cost is $2,060 Cdn (plus air). For more info visit Intrepid Travel.

For the truly addicted, read on for trip highlights. (I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but don’t get upset if Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson aren’t actually along for the ride.) Oh, wait. Didn’t Robert Pattinson play Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter? Now that’s my kind of movie hero. Did you know you can do a Harry Potter in England tour, too, with HP Fan Trips? 


Twilight Trip Highlighights

·         Visit the town of St Helens where much of the Twilight movie was filmed including Thunderbird and Whale where the book store scenes were filmed, as well as the alley and parking lot where Edward comes to Bella’s rescue.

·         Cannon Beach, where Jacob Black tells Bella about Edward and the Cullen Family.

·         Silver Falls State Park where we will complete a hike called Trail of the Ten Falls.  Many of the forest scenes and scenes with the deer were filmed here.

·         Hood River, where we will see Carver Café where Charlie and Bella spend time, Oxbow Park where the meadow scene was filmed and View Point Inn where the High School Prom was held.

·         Forks or Twilight Town, where the movie was set. Here we will see Forks High School, where Bella and Edward attend school, the Cullen and Swan family homes, Bella’s 1956 Chevy truck, Forks welcome sign, Forks Community Hospital and the Forks Police Department.