I’ve Moved to Wanderingcarol.com!

Just so you know, I have finally manged to move my site from wanderingcarolwordpress.com to wanderingcarol.com so please move along with me.




Blogging Headaches – Moving to My Own Site

The good news is that I finally figured out how to enter my own domain – something had stumped me since October. Actually I didn’t figure it out exactly … more like I emailed my boyfriend’s techie brother Fred at sartech.ca and he told me how to get into my web applications page and then into settings. When I went to settings, it turns out I had never set the blog up with a password (who knew I had to?) and once I did that, I could  access my very own wordpress blog at my very own domain. Only ….

Only it’s never as easy as it’s supposed to be. Once I was at my new wordpress blog at wanderingcarol.com, and about to set it up, I was informed that I’d somehow set up an old version of wordpress.

The message went:

“The latest stable release of WordPress (Version 2.8.6) is available in two formats from the links to your right. If you have no idea what to do with this download, we recommend signing up with one of our web hosting partners that offers a one click install of WordPress or getting a free account on WordPress.com.”

Well of course I have no idea what to do with this download. Who am I? Einstein? (Actually, I did go to a free lecture on Quantum Mechanics yesterday at the University of Toronto, but you know that old saying … you can lead a whore to water, but you can’t make her think.) Only, wait a minute! I thought I had signed up with a web host that offered a one click install of WordPress. That’s why I went with Cirrushosting.com.

So, I’ve contacted Cirrus and have left them with it. Let’s see how much help I get. I’m hoping they’ll just magically set it up for me, but as I pay them something like $6 a month, it’s possible that this isn’t going to happen. In that case, I know who to call. Fred? Oh, Fred!

Travel Blogging an Expensive Prospect

I want to blog about the Zimtstern fashion show I went to last night in Zurich but at 20 bucks to use the Internet at my hotel, forget it. It was in the hip and cool slightly dodgy area of Zurich West – dirty chic you might say – and the snowboarding fashions were much to be desired. If I were a snowboarder. Which I am not. But if I take it up I will now know what to wear.

Blonde and Stupid?

No really, my stomach is flat!

No really, my stomach is flat!

What I wanted to know, as I searched for a suitable photo to use as a blog header, is if I put up a cheesecake shot of myself in a bathing suit, will people think I’m a) stupid, b) self-obsessed or c) ha, ha – a savvy marketer? I didn’t start off looking for a bikini shot. In fact, this is something I would normally avoid at all costs, but, you see, it’s not easy finding a long horizontal picture.

It's pretty but not thin

It's pretty but not thin

My first attempt was to use a landscape of Lake Bled, but when I cropped it to fit that long thin slice of a header, it either showed the top of a church or a blue streak of water.


This should have worked

This should have worked

Then I thought I’d use this convoy shot of a night snowmobling expedition in the Maritime Alps in Southern France, but it either cut off people’s heads or ankles.

The only really long and narrow shot I found was the one you see on the header now, which is of me working extremely hard at my job while lying in a deck chair at the Inn at Manitou in Ontario (recently voted Best Inn in North America in the Travel & Leisure Readers’ Choice Awards, by the way). So up it went.

And I may be blonde but I’m not that dumb, I managed to avoid all unflattering views of butt, stomach and thighs (if you ate at the Inn for three days you’d be be avoiding thigh shots, too). I even avoided a face shot – just in case I look stupid.