New Zealand Matchmaking Update – Who Hooked Up?

So, were there any love matches, that’s what I want to know. The New Zealand Matchmaking flight took off on Oct 13th (read my previous post about it here) with the Bachelor’s very own Jason Mesnick and ultimate fiance-winning Molly Malaney and I wasn’t on it. I should have been covering it – but then again, at least I don’t have jet lag since I spent the weekend at Blue Mountain instead – a two-hour drive rather than a gazillion-hour flight. Mind you, that long flight would have been filled with embarrassing singles games (always fun) and plenty of spying on the 100 or so singles angling to get close to their chosen potential dates. And who doesn’t like to spy? Oh, and Jason and Molly were apparently doling out dating tips (why does that scare me?) which, if the flight didn’t pan out, singles could then apply [said tips] to any unsuspecting Kiwi singles … a veritable Trojan Horse of Love (no Trojan puns intended).