Is that a Parrot on Your Head?

I love you!

I've got my eye on you!

This just in! I just got a press release about Sirroco, a frisky human-loving parrot in New Zealand caught on video trying to get amourous with a zoologist. The zoologist only looks semi-interested, so perhaps we could introduce Sirocco to one of the American and Canadian singles still on the loose in New Zealand after the just-landed New Zealand Matchmaking Flight. According to the press release below, Kakapo parrots are large, flightless and nocturnal – much like a lot of men currently on the dating scene, and Sirocco has the added attraction of being feathered and green … surely a match made in parrot heaven.

The Press Release:

The BBC has uploaded a link to see Sirocco the New Zealand kakapo parrot who attempts an unusual mating ritual with a zoologist. [See it here.] With over 1 million YouTube views, Sirocco has quickly become famous for his romantic antics.

Here’s a little more about this rare bird:
The kakapo is a large flightless nocturnal bird. It is the world’s rarest parrot with only 124 in existence. Once prevalent throughout New Zealand, kakapo now live only on predator-free Whenua Hou / Codfish Island, under the care of the Kakapo Recovery Program. This year the program successfully bred 33 kakapo. Their goal is to establish at least one self-sustaining unmanaged population in a protected habitat.

I say the Kakapo Recovery Program need two goals – one, to create a self-sustaining population, and two, to create some half-man-half-parrot offspring. Now that’s an idea that might fly. Viva evolution!


Fugitive Llama Update

LLama Alert

Llama on the Lam

Ha ha ha ha. The llama is still in our field and this time I got his picture. (Her picture?) I think he thinks this hay bale is his mother. At least the bale is good to block the wind because it was freezing out there today. What’s the llama going to do in the winter? Are they indoor pets?

That's a good-looking llama!

That's a good-looking llama!


There was also a trio of eagles flying over the river. No dead mice though. Yay!