I Missed the Party in Zurich

Here's the fashion show - an official photo.


This is how cool I am. During Fashion Week in Toronto I was invited to zero shows, parties and/or events. Not one. Oh,wait … I just checked my email and was invited to the Andrew Majtenyi show. I did go the year before and he’s a rockin’ Canadian designer.

I guess travel journalists don’t rate in the fashion world. Except, of course, when we’re on the road. Here in Zürich I had front row seats at the Zimtstern snow and street wear fashion show thanks to Claus Zimmermann, Head of Trade and Marketing Events (and coincidently, brother of Florian who got us into the hockey game two days before). 

Afterwards some of the journalists stayed and danced the night away at the After Party rolling back into the hotel at 5 a.m. Meanwhile I was asleep by midnight. Was the good night’s sleep worth it? Not in this case – I heard it was a blast, the music was great and that once the Swiss get warmed up they are way more fun than you might think.

The Runway

Media weren’t supposed to take photos at the show but does a blog count as media? Let me rephrase that … does my blog count as media? Anyway, I had unofficial permission, so here’s what you missed.

We’re so hip!

Now I’m in a hotel in Bad Ragaz, a Swiss resort where the shops, like in St Moritz, showcase completely different gear. As in over-the-top Ivana-Trump-style glam.

We're so pricey!

This jacket, for sale in the boutique in my hotel, is by Bogner. Only something like 13 were made and the price tag is a sleek $7,900. Yup. Eight grand to look good on the slopes. Um. That won’t be me. I love to ski but I’m generally the bag lady of the slopes, which is perfect gear for the green runs I will always prefer. Wearing an $8,000 outfit would be like driving a Jag when you can’t parallel park.


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