From Beach Bunny to Art Snob

I’m just back from the Bahamas, and from pirate loot to unexplored cave systems, Grand Bahama is a grand island indeed. I may not be tanned but at least I ended up with plenty to write about.

Now I have to go from beach mode to art mode and I have to do it fast. My brother-in-law, Graham Fowler, is having an art opening at Gevick Gallery in Toronto’s chi chi Yorkville this afternoon at 12 Hazelton Avenue.

Painting by Graham Fowler

That man can really paint!

Last time I went to one of his art exhibits it was in London, England, on the posh gallery row of Cork Street where he had a two-person show with my sister, Catherine. It was a different party in the gallery every night for four evenings running. Why don’t they do that here?

Although at times it might have got carried away. I remember one night when the art dealer who organized the exhibition had to toss out one scraggley Brit found crouched behind the catering table chugging straight from a bottle of champagne. At least I know enough to drink my champagne from a plastic glass.


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