Bahamas Beaches, Blue Drinks and Fried Fish


Can I photoshop a tan?

“I know it’s bad to tan but I’m deprived of Vitamin D,” said Olga, the PR woman who has organized our trip to Freeport, as she flops over on her beach towel.
It’s a good excuse and I’m using it. Although even when I’m tanned I’m pale. Once I was walking down a beach in Thailand and I heard a German man say, “Ghost.” After three weeks on the island I thought I was pretty golden until someone said to me, “Oh, did you just arrive?”
Anyway, I can only sit in the sun for so long. Not only is it unhealthy (although surely a bit of sun is good) it’s boooring. For some reason it’s never boring lying under a shady palm tree. Go figure.
I couldn’t avoid the sun yesterday, except when it pelted down with rain for a few minutes. I spent the day on a tour of the Lucayan National Park with Grand Bahama Nature Tours for a three-pronged adventure. Kayaking through the mangroves, lying on the near-deserted beach and visiting caves. Did I mention the beach?
Bahamas Beach

This Beach is Mine!

Ended the day with a fish fry (except I ate broiled lobster) and dancing under the moon. To really bad pop music by a speaker so loud my ears are ringing. Can I claim medical disability?

Bahamas 120

Where's the Lobster?

A story is starting to take shape in my mind. Slowly. Verrrry slowly. Why can’t I be a fast writer? Maybe I need to drink more blue drinks …

Blue Drinks

Does this match my dress?

Blue, blue, my drink is blue … Rebecca, one of the writers on my Grand Bahamas trip likes to coordinate at all times.

Tomorrow is my last day here. How could it go so quickly?


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  2. i hope you enjoy the trip finally, bahamas is very nice to visit and there’s a lot of thing todo to get fun

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