Walking the Red Carpet – Good Times on WestJet’s New Flight to Freeport

“I’m only taking inaugural flights from now on,” says the woman behind me on the bus from the airport to our hotel in Freeport, Bahamas.


Welcome to the Bahamas!

Who can blame her? From the belly-shaking dancers at Pearson to the champagne with orange juice and our red carpet arrival, WestJet’s inaugural flight to Freeport, Bahamas was a festive occasion. The most embarrassing moment was when we landed and the flight attendant announced that passengers had to wait to disembark while the dignitaries got off first. I’m looking around for those annoying pompous dignitaries and realized that one of them was me! I slunk off the plane and made my way down a red carpet shaking hands with all kind of island important people. Do we still do handshake lines with Swine Flu?

Red Carpet

Red Carpet Treatment

The best part were the dancers and rocking drum beats and percussion. I couldn’t hear anything anyone was saying, but I loved the beat.

Let's Dance!

Let's Dance!

Then there were speeches and punch on the veranda at the airport, and I still couldn’t hear anything, because of all the planes rumbling around. Didn’t anyone tell the organizers that airport runways are loud?

The best part of the inaugural flight is that it landed in Freeport, Bahamas. Warmth, sun and fresh sea air. What can be better than that? WestJet will fly between Toronto and Freeport twice a week until April 30, 2010. Direct! Yay! Three hours and no crappy transfers or stops.


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