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A Travel Writer’s Lament – I’m Tired of Being Poor!

Yah, so I’m heading to the Bahamas on Monday and to Switzerland next month. My life is all icing, but at some point I want a salad. As in green. As in money to pay the rent. Is this punishment for working in a creative field, the no actual spending money thing? How did Carrie from Sex in the City manage to buy all those Manolo Blahniks on a columnist’s pay? Was she freelance? Right now I’m trying to branch out careerwise, even though the only things I really want to do, besides travel are:

a) write a book

b) write travel essays to go in said book and

c) write my column, which gives me ideas for said book.

Okay, I also want to drink the occasional glass of Veuve Cliquot. And buy a lot of new pairs of black boots and read the National Enquirer but careerwise, here are the things I’m branching out into.

a) This blog. People have been telling me for the last two years I must blog, get a Facebook page and twitter. With this blog I’m finally trying one of them. Not sure why, but everyone says it’s important.

b) Applied for two grants to give myself book writing time – One was a Canada Council grant (chances of that, zero) and an Ontario Arts Council Grant (chances of that 10%). I also applied to go to the Banff Centre of the Arts for a writing program but got turned down. Actually I’ve been turned down 4 times, although once I got a nice letter saying I was close and to try again. I tried again and got turned down. (chances of ever getting into the Banff Centre for writing. Nil.)

c) TV Series. I’ve been having meetings with a producer and director for the last 6 months about pitching a travel TV series. Won’t go into details about the exciting never-been-done idea because then you might STEAL IT. As if you CARE. Anyway, normally I wouldn’t even mention it because that might jinx it, but as the chances of me ever having a TV show are at best, at their really really best, 1 in 10, it’s probably jinxed anyways. At least this way I can talk about, you know, my TV project in the works. It sounds so much better than, you know, my failed TV project that was in the works but is now in the toilet. Where’s the joy in talking about that?


2 Responses

  1. Hilarious!
    My vote is you keep on with the column, write the book, get the TV show, star in the movie of your life, and become the Queen of England. (Why not have it all?)

  2. Just keep plugging away and some of your goals will probably happen. On some days, my personal mantra is to always strive for much more than I really want, and then in the end, I’ll get about what I want; on other days, I strive to do as little as possible for my goals, and strangely that seems to work in bringing me closer to them…

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