Is that a Parrot on Your Head?

I love you!

I've got my eye on you!

This just in! I just got a press release about Sirroco, a frisky human-loving parrot in New Zealand caught on video trying to get amourous with a zoologist. The zoologist only looks semi-interested, so perhaps we could introduce Sirocco to one of the American and Canadian singles still on the loose in New Zealand after the just-landed New Zealand Matchmaking Flight. According to the press release below, Kakapo parrots are large, flightless and nocturnal – much like a lot of men currently on the dating scene, and Sirocco has the added attraction of being feathered and green … surely a match made in parrot heaven.

The Press Release:

The BBC has uploaded a link to see Sirocco the New Zealand kakapo parrot who attempts an unusual mating ritual with a zoologist. [See it here.] With over 1 million YouTube views, Sirocco has quickly become famous for his romantic antics.

Here’s a little more about this rare bird:
The kakapo is a large flightless nocturnal bird. It is the world’s rarest parrot with only 124 in existence. Once prevalent throughout New Zealand, kakapo now live only on predator-free Whenua Hou / Codfish Island, under the care of the Kakapo Recovery Program. This year the program successfully bred 33 kakapo. Their goal is to establish at least one self-sustaining unmanaged population in a protected habitat.

I say the Kakapo Recovery Program need two goals – one, to create a self-sustaining population, and two, to create some half-man-half-parrot offspring. Now that’s an idea that might fly. Viva evolution!


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