Blonde and Stupid?

No really, my stomach is flat!

No really, my stomach is flat!

What I wanted to know, as I searched for a suitable photo to use as a blog header, is if I put up a cheesecake shot of myself in a bathing suit, will people think I’m a) stupid, b) self-obsessed or c) ha, ha – a savvy marketer? I didn’t start off looking for a bikini shot. In fact, this is something I would normally avoid at all costs, but, you see, it’s not easy finding a long horizontal picture.

It's pretty but not thin

It's pretty but not thin

My first attempt was to use a landscape of Lake Bled, but when I cropped it to fit that long thin slice of a header, it either showed the top of a church or a blue streak of water.


This should have worked

This should have worked

Then I thought I’d use this convoy shot of a night snowmobling expedition in the Maritime Alps in Southern France, but it either cut off people’s heads or ankles.

The only really long and narrow shot I found was the one you see on the header now, which is of me working extremely hard at my job while lying in a deck chair at the Inn at Manitou in Ontario (recently voted Best Inn in North America in the Travel & Leisure Readers’ Choice Awards, by the way). So up it went.

And I may be blonde but I’m not that dumb, I managed to avoid all unflattering views of butt, stomach and thighs (if you ate at the Inn for three days you’d be be avoiding thigh shots, too). I even avoided a face shot – just in case I look stupid.


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