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Is that a Llama in our yard?

“That llama is in our field again,” said my mom when I was out at the farm the other day.

I looked across the road and yes, a brown wooly llama was standing in the oatfield, munching on a roll of hay.  This is Saskatchewan. I expect ducks, rabbits, weasels, maybe the odd coyote or moose, but this was something new.

“Last week it was in the yard,” she said.

“Why is there a llama in our field?”

“It’s the neighbor’s,” she said. “He’s been trying to catch it.”

A fugitive llama. And that’s not all the wildlife around here. Let’s see, there were the two dead mice in traps, Zachery and Yvonne (we started out at names starting with ‘A’ and now we’re moving backwards).

“And there’s a garter snake that lives under the sunroom,” my mom added. “He shed his skin the other day. It was in the flower bed and so was the snake. It scared the painter half to death.”

A snake is okay, but not quite as exciting as in April when there was snow in the ground and we stood at the window watching a coyote ambush a mole. And we have our own flock of pelicans in the summer who like to hang around on the sandbar on the river.

Today I was back at the farm and the llama seems to have taken up residence. I tried to get near enough to snap a photo with my sister’s cell phone, but then I wondered if it was dangerous to confront a llama. Is it like please don’t feed the bears? When I gave up and went back toward the house, I swear the llama started following me. Maybe he’s tame. It’s pretty cool to think of having a llama as a pet. But I would have settled for a kitten.


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