My Other Job

William Perehudoff

William Perehudoff

“It must be so interesting to come from a family of artists,” someone said to me the other day. As I don’t know anything different, it seems pretty normal (though maybe that’s why I was unpopular in high school). My mother, Dorothy Knowles; my father, William Perehudoff; sisters, Rebecca and Catherine; and brother-in-law, Graham Fowler, are all painters and while this means that I’m the odd man out, it also means that the upcoming Toronto International Art Fair, Oct 22- 26, is exciting.

While I’m here in Saskatoon, my hometown, there is work to do. For some reason art dealers who want work for the Fair never give us enough notice (thanks, guys!) so my sister and I are trying to find a small 1960’s work of my dad’s for the Rukaj Gallery, easier said than done as dad, an abstract painter, painted LARGE in the 60’s, and on top of that, there are hardly any left. Plus, we need to get it stretched and framed and shipped asap.

Also on the agenda is to select some of my parents’ paintings for an upcoming group exhibition at the Douglas Udell Gallery.

Dorothy Knowles

Dorothy Knowles

Then there’s a travelling show of my mom’s landscape paintings organized by the Moose Jaw Art Museum and curated by Terry Fenton, which, I believe, is heading to Medicine Hat and then the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinberg, Ontario, plus an exhibit of my dad’s that the Mendel Art Gallery is organizing … but I let my overworked sister, Catherine, deal with all that.


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