Whip it Good



How can people think Saskatoon is dull? Obviously they haven’t enjoyed a steak on a pitchfork dinner and whipcracking experience.

Steak Fondue - Western Style

Steak Fondue - Western Style

Last night I thought I was going out to a normal dinner hosted by Tourism Saskatchewan along with a handful of journalists from China, Korea, Japan, Quebec and Toronto. Turns out the restaurant was a 30-minute drive north in St. Denis, a French-speaking community. (Yes, there are French speakers in Saskatchewan.)  Only it wasn’t a restaurant so much as a saloon – it’s called Champetre County, and not only did we eat steak fondue ie steak dipped into hot oil on a pitchfork, but the 5 time World Champion Whip Cracker, an Australian named Will Gough, showed us some fancy whipping skills even a dominatrix would envy. What an Australian whip cracker is doing in a French-speaking prairie Wild West experience, I’m not sure, but who’s going to argue with a man with a whip?

Hey, let me slice that ribbon in two

Hey, let me slice that ribbon in two


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