Off to Whistler

Which do I prefer? Big city life or fresh air? Both.  That’s why I love living in Toronto but am also glad to leave it behind and head to GoMedia in Whistler. GoMedia is a conference that is like speed dating for travel writers. I think I have about 20 appointments with different tourist boards across Canada. It’s a great way to get story ideas and think about trips for the future. And I get to explore Whistler, where I’ve never been, and do some cycling and something called an eco zipline which I believe is sailing across tree tops on a rope. At least that’s what it was in the Honduras. For my writing I tend to concentrate more on Europe and Asia (who wouldn’t?) but this year I’ve done more Canadian pieces and am falling in love with my own country.

Look at me, I'm Annie Oakley!

Look at me, I'm Annie Oakley!

Just got back from the Yukon and it was spectacular. Let me hasten to add, I hate guns and this one is fake. I was dressing up to do some old time sepia photos at Peabody’s Photo Parlour in Dawson City – home of the 1897 Gold Rush.


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  1. Glad to see the same wit and intriguing writing that is in “Going Solo” appearing on a regular basis. Congrats and keep it up. Watch out Whistler her she comes!

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